Unconscious Bias and Inclusion workshops customized for your organization and current needs

"Dr. Helen Turnbull's Customized Workshops"
Dr. Helen Turnbull’s Unconscious Bias and Inclusion Workshops:

Human Facets® has a wide variety of workshop material that can be customized to respect your organizational culture, respect where you are on the D & I journey, and fit your current needs.In addition with her depth of knowledge and experience in this field, Dr. Turnbull can design and develop workshops from scratch to accommodate any topic in the D & I space.  We have an international team of global inclusion and diversity facilitators who can deliver these workshops worldwide.

Adjusting your Mirrors and Managing your blind spots workshop

Workshop Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the distinction between a good leader and an inclusive leader
  • Identify barriers and obstacles that prohibit inclusiveness
  • Understand the role unconscious bias plays in day to day decision making
  • Improve client relationships by having a deeper understanding of unconscious bias
  • Identify individual and institutional barriers to equity and fairness
  • Ensure leaders and Business Units become aware of how their unconscious biases are impacting clients and people in their organization
  • Understand what factors might impede maintaining an inclusive workplace culture
  • Motivate leaders on the importance of creating an inclusive workplace where they can leverage the competitive advantage a diverse talent pool has to offer

Custom Design considerations:

We custom design our workshops by taking time in an iterative and collaborative process to work closely with you to ensure we meet the needs of your organization and your leaders. We can also design, develop and deliver workshops on any specific topic related to this field. Please discuss your needs with Dr. Turnbull.

We use extensive global research from Human Facets Unconscious Bias and Inclusion assessment results. These results are gathered from a variety of industries, geographies and diverse groups and add rich and compelling measurements to the business case for inclusion.

We also use an ARS Audience Response system to poll live data from the group throughout the workshop and will custom design the questions to ensure the message is on target for your leaders/workshop participants.

For further information please contact Scott Cabrera at scott.cabrera@humanfacets.com  

Inclusion Matters workshop (4 hour and 1 day versions)

Being inclusive seems like an obvious and easy thing to do and yet we continue to face significant challenges on our journey towards embedding inclusion in our organizations. Employees can feel excluded for a myriad of reasons – ranging from the small and seemingly insignificant gesture or glance by a leader, to bigger issues such as being overlooked for a promotion, particularly if you feel it was because of your difference.  Well-intentioned people make business decisions every day that favor some individuals or groups more than others.  The quality of our day to day business decisions are impacted by our propensity for affinity bias, our blind spots and unconscious biases and this in turn plays a part in how inclusive we are individually and collectively perceived to be.

The Inclusion Matters workshop utilizes the ISM Profile (either self-assessment or 360-degree assessment) as pre-work, together with a Group Aggregate report. Each participant receives their confidential self-assessment report. The first part of the workshop covers why Unconscious Bias impacts inclusion and the second half reveals results of the aggregate report and enables participants to discuss how and why the skills gaps exist in seven categories of Inclusion. (see more information on the ISM Profile on the Assessments Page).

The goal of this workshop is to allow participants to see where the inclusion skills gaps are; why they exist and to identify what they need to individually and collectively do to close them.

Gender Acumen Matters workshop (2 days)

This workshop utilizes the Gender Gap Assessment tool (self-assessment or 360- degree assessment) as pre-work, together with a Group Aggregate report. The workshop design follows this road-map.


The goal for this workshop is to create meaningful dialog and understanding of the gender strengths from both genders. It focuses on building appreciation for gender strengths by exploring gender blind spots and re-framing mindsets towards the contribution made by both genders.  This is a workshop that fully embraces and values conversation with both men and women; it is not a “women’s workshop”.



(Creating safe space to discuss sensitive topics)


The Zen of Facilitation is a unique weekend learning experience developed and facilitated by Dr. Helen Turnbull CSP and Global Speaking Fellow. Dr. Turnbull has extensive experience in the field of Global Inclusion, Unconscious bias, and Diversity. Her depth of knowledge on the complexity of inclusion ensures that this experience will not only leave a lasting impression on your ability to work with inclusion and social identity within groups but will take you personally on a liminal journey from your head to your heart and back again. A journey that will provide you with insights, skills and knowledge that will enhance your ability to manage courageous conversations across diverse groups.


 “This program was developed by Dr. Helen Turnbull CSP and Global Speaking Fellow to create an opportunity for facilitators to lean in to the complexity of discussing Inclusion across differences.”


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