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Becoming an Ally

>  Do you see yourself as an ally and at the same time wonder what it is OK to say?

>  What does it really mean to be an Ally?

>  How would people recognize you as an ally?

>  How do you understand, own and manage your privilege?

>  How can you get better at this?

These and other relevant questions will be answered during this 90-minute webinar presented by Dr. Helen Turnbull, an internationally recognized Thought Leader in the area of Global Inclusion and Unconscious Bias.

Dr. Turnbull will address the following topics:

  1. Why do we feel awkward talking about Race?
  2. What knowledge and skills do you need to stay in courageous conversations?
  3. The relationship between Privilege, Power and Difference
  4. How do Micro-Inequities show up at work?
  5. What are the 7 forces that keep Institutionalized Racism in place.
  6. What are 10 steps to improving your ability to become an Ally.

Webinar Logistics:

Participants: Maximum 300

90 minutes

Live Polling and Chat function

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Dr. Turnbull has been an esteemed partner to Wells Fargo for many years. She has worked with Executives and employees both virtually and in-person in the US and internationally with equal success and high engagement ratings. Recently she delivered a Virtual Fireside Chat on “Being an Ally” that was attended by over 5000 participants, with glowing reviews. Since Dr. Turnbull has presented multiple webinars in our company over time, she was able to respond quickly to our changing needs by delivering keynotes and D&I courses virtually. This has allowed us to have a bigger impact over a wider audience. We look forward to further engaging Dr. Turnbull as we continue to navigate the new reality, allowing more leaders and employees to benefit from her knowledge and experience as we transition to online format for many of our offerings.
Peter Kouzmov VP, Global Enterprise Diversity and Inclusion Learning

Wells Fargo, New York

Dear Dr. Turnbull,

I am very appreciative for all the Virtual Keynote talks you have conducted with our firm in 2020 centering around Allyship.  You are an incredible partner to work with, accommodating, thoughtful, probing, and most important purposefully impactful.  You have moved me and thousands of our associates.  Management has received tremendous feedback and are being asked to provide more events to keep our positive momentum. While I was initially disappointed not to be able to host you in person as we planned, in many ways some of our events together were even more interactive than we could have done in person with the same amount of time.

We look forward to continuing our partnership with Human Facets. 

Anna Dopkin Vice President

T. Rowe Price

Dear Dr. Turnbull,

I cannot thank you enough for the Virtual Keynote you presented on April 20, 2020 to our group.  I have been flooded with positive feedback and requests to be connected to you and your content.  With almost 400 people on the webinar you created a connection with the audience through your live polls and examples that I don’t think anyone anticipated.

I know Virtual Keynotes are new to all of us, due to COVID-19 and I just wanted to assure you it was navigated like you do it every day!

Thanks for making my audience feel so important and validated.   We really appreciate you!

Lori Kleiman Managing Director

HR Topics