Dr. Helen Turnbull: Inspiring Audiences to Embrace Diversity and Inclusion

A global thought-leader on unconscious bias and inclusion, Dr. Helen effectively engages her audiences on the complexity of inclusion in an interesting and interactive way. She uses her own research from three inclusion and unconscious bias assessments to provide people with measurable data together with anecdotal stories and a compelling message. It is said that excellent speakers bring a balance of humor, subject matter expertise and motivation and Dr. Helen’s keynotes deliver all of these qualities.

While diversity is almost a fad for some companies, we also know that having a diverse team adds bottom-line value. As long as diversity is accompanied by inclusivity. The video with Dr. Helen Turnbull CSP highlights that diversity positively impacts the bottom line – but only when everyone feels included and valued. She’s been working in the field a long time and did a TEDx in 2013. She says:

  • It’s not enough to simply hire a diverse group of people and pat yourself on the back. You need a culture where everyone feels included and can contribute their unique perspectives and ideas.
  • When diversity training elicits an eyeroll… you have an uphill battle. The leader is telegraphing their thoughts and unlikely to foster an inclusive environment.
  • But inclusivity does not mean that people should be allowed to monopolize meetings ad nauseum. If they’re not adding value… why are they there?
Dr Helen Turnbull CSP and Global Speaking Fellow
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In this keynote Dr. Turnbull ​reminds leaders of the need to be congruent, authentic and sincere when they send a message about the importance of their Diversity and Inclusion programs. If they say it is important to attend a Customer Service event while simultaneously rolling their eyes in disdain the employee follows the non-verbal lead.
In this keynote Dr. Turnbull talks about the ​rarest ​commodity of the 21st century which is to give people “our full attention.”

We all have biases and you might not be aware of yours. It’s part of our most primitive brains so we aren’t going to get rid of it. The only thing we can do is be aware and manage it.

In this video Andrea Adams, MPA speaks with Dr. Helen Turnbull CSP who has been digging into the topic for a long time – long before it (and DEI) became such a key HR issue.  Dr. Turnbull TEDx on inclusion in 2013.

  • If you’ve ever been rude to an overseas call center representative because they aren’t on your continent, check your bias. Are you REALLY that open-minded and unbiased?
  • Confirmation bias and pattern recognition bias are two of the most prevalent examples of unconscious bias in the workplace. Unchecked, either will lead to poor decision-making, missed opportunities and sub-par business performance.
  • The only way to minimize the impact of unconscious bias is to bring it to our conscious awareness. She suggests saying “Let’s not make that decision until we check our biases.”

In this inspiring TEDx Delray Beach keynote, Dr. Helen Turnbull talks Inclusion, Exclusion, Illusion and Collusion.We say we want to be inclusive, but what if we are really not?  Dr. Turnbull contends that we live daily with the Illusion of Inclusion and she convincingly demonstrates through a series of anecdotes and research results from her online assessment tools that not only does unconscious bias exist, but it has a real impact on our ability to hire and retain top talent.


In this keynote, Dr. Turnbull talks about two ​Diversity and ​Inclusion​ myths.​ We ​want to ​believe that there is a level playing field​ and everyone has a fair and equitable opportunity to succeed​. We​ want to believe that we are well-intentioned and value diversity. ​



In this keynote, Dr. Turnbull talks about how our minds are ​often ​on automatic pilot​. ​ ​She cites ​the example of driving to and from work each day. You ​most ​likely don’t remember the journey because it has become a habit and you are on auto pilot during the process.

More information from Dr. Turnbull

An interview with Dr. Turnbull after her successful opening Keynote at the AIEC Conference in Hobart, Tasmania (October 2017) with an audience of 1600+ people.


Dr. Turnbull explains the content of her newly developed Video Interactive e-Learning program on Unconscious Bias and Inclusion. it is 4 hours of content with four one hour courses in 6-10 minute modules. For more information check out www.inclusionvt.com
An interview with Dr. Turnbull while she is in Sydney Australia conducting workshops and keynotes for several clients. She is explaining the importance of recognizing the connection between diversity, unconscious bias and inclusion.

In this eleven-part video series Dr. Helen talks about her latest book,
“The Illusion of Inclusion – Global Inclusion, Unconscious Bias, and the Bottom Line”

Dr. Helen Turnbull describes the subject of her latest book “The Illusion of Inclusion”… Being inclusive of others sounds easy and something we all want to do; and yet it is not as easy as it sounds.
Dr. Helen Turnbull talks about the three Immutable Forces she believes are foundational to understanding the complexity of inclusion.
Dr. Helen Turnbull discusses the impact of Unconscious Bias on our ability to create an inclusive work environment.
Dr. Helen Turnbull talks about the power of Affinity Bias, or Mini Me Syndrome.
Dr. Helen Turnbull talks about the power of Stereotype Threat.
In this presentation, Dr. Helen Turnbull discusses corporate social responsibility related to inclusion.
Dr. Helen Turnbull talks about Diversity, Ground Hog Day and the fact that companies can spend a lot of money on diversity and inclusion initiatives and not really move the culture towards inclusion.
Dr. Helen Turnbull discusses the perennial and omnipresent impact of dominance and privilege. and the part it plays in building relationships.
Dr. Helen Turnbull shares stories and perspectives about the importance of what she calls “Degrees of Difference”.
Dr. Helen Turnbull talks about the power of Assimilation; one of her four Permeable Forces of Inclusion.
Dr. Helen Turnbull talks about her latest book “The Illusion of Inclusion” and the need to redefine Political Correctness.