(Creating safe space to discuss sensitive topics)

The Zen of Facilitation is a unique weekend learning experience developed and facilitated by Dr. Helen Turnbull CSP and Global Speaking Fellow. Dr. Turnbull has extensive experience in the field of Global Inclusion, Unconscious bias, and Diversity. Her depth of knowledge on the complexity of inclusion ensures that this experience will not only leave a lasting impression on your ability to work with inclusion and social identity within groups but will take you personally on a liminal journey from your head to your heart and back again. A journey that will provide you with insights, skills and knowledge that will enhance your ability to manage courageous conversations across diverse groups.


 “This program was developed by Dr. Helen Turnbull CSP and Global Speaking Fellow to create an opportunity for facilitators to lean in to the complexity of discussing Inclusion across differences.”


We will use an experiential blended learning approach that incorporates a 2.5 day (Friday afternoon through Sunday lunch) face-to-face interaction focused almost exclusively on experiential learning and practice.

Program elements include:


  •  Understanding Human Interaction Group methodology
  • Creating a safe container for learning
  • Unpacking the complexity of social system dynamics
  • Increasing self-awareness of being fully present
  • Learning to ask “here and now” related questions
  • Learning the art and science of when to intervene and where to move the
  • Gaining the ability to see what is happening from ground level and 37,000
    feet simultaneously.
  • Embracing Zen of Facilitation competencies
  • Intervention skills practice



Successful completion of The Zen of Facilitation will enable participants to be more fully competent in using Here and Now facilitation interventions, particularly when working on sensitive topics such as inclusion, unconscious bias, diversity and team conflict:



  • Understand the difference between standard training facilitation, agenda/task focused facilitation and “Here and Now” facilitation.
  • Learn how to hold the space to allow participants to do their own work
  • Develop the intuitive skills to remain in the here and now and ask probing questions when necessary
  • Know when to gently push and when to hold back.
  • Unpack the Human Facets Inclusion Complexity model at a deeper level
  • Gain additional comprehension of the frame of reference and unique point of view from each group.
  • Intervene effectively at individual, interpersonal and group levels to support individual and group learning
  • Recognize and respond to distress reactions when these occur
  • Understand the dynamics involved in interactions across multiple dimensions of social identity group differences


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Workshop Dates:
February 22nd through 24th
$2700 per person


Download the workshop flyer:

"Zen of Facilitation Workshop Onesheet"