Dr. Helen Turnbull, CSP Receives Global Speaking Fellow Designation From the Global Speakers Federation

Dr. Helen Turnbull, CSP Receives Global Speaking Fellow Designation

(July 20, 2018) Dr. Helen Turnbull was recently honored with The Global Speaking Fellow Designation during the recent National Speakers Association Conference International Day that took place in Dallas, Texas July 14-17, 2018. Dr Turnbull and Alan Berg were the two recipients of this years fellow. This year’s recipients join an elite group which includes only 33 professional speakers worldwide.

About the Designation: Global Speaking Fellow: Experienced, Credible, Globally Competent. The Global Speaking Fellow designation is conferred on those who have:

  • proven mastery of the core competencies over a minimum of three years.
  • received favorable reviews by the clients who have hired them.
  • demonstrated sustainability as a global presenter.
  • presented professionally in a designated percentage of the macro geographical. (continental) regions/geographical sub-regions as defined by the United Nations.
  • passed an internal review by an evaluation team of Global Speaking Fellow designation holders.

Dr. Helen Turnbull says, “I am delighted to be recognized by the Global Speakers Federation as a Global Speaking Fellow. This Award means a lot to me as it serves to remind me of the many countries I have visited, the clients I have worked with in these countries, the cultures I have experienced and learned about and the 6 million miles I have accumulated along the way. I am honored to be part of such an elite group of Global Speakers and look forward to continuing to serve as part of this diverse global community.”

About Dr. Helen Turnbull: Dr. Turnbull is a world recognized Thought Leader in global inclusion and diversity. Her PhD dissertation research was on stereotype threat, covering and internalized oppression across cultures and she has a deep knowledge and understanding of what it takes to create an inclusive environment.

Dr. Turnbull is the author of two psycho-metric assessment tools on UB and Inclusion – Cognizant and the ISM profile and a new E-Learning program on Unconscious Bias and Inclusion. In May 2013, she spoke at TEDx on “The Illusion of Inclusion” and has recently developed a new model on the complexity of embedding an inclusive workplace culture. She keynotes on these topics globally and has spoken to senior executives in Australia, Asia, Europe, UK and the USA.

Dr. Turnbull has five Award winning clients. She and her team have made major contributions in assisting Texas Instruments to win the Catalyst Award and was instrumental in developing programs for both J. P. Morgan Chase and Citigroup Europe to win the prestigious Opportunity Now Award and Business in the Community Awards. Commonwealth Bank of Australia also won the 2012 Catalyst Award attributing the win in part to Cognizant, an Unconscious Bias tool developed by Dr. Turnbull and QBE Insurance Australia has been named Australian Employer of Choice in 2015 attributing their win in large part to Human Facets work on Unconscious Bias and Inclusion with 450 of their top leaders.

Her most recent book is “The Illusion of Inclusion” which is her seminal work on this topic. She is also a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) member of the National Speakers Association, and The Global Speakers Network, Past President of the Florida Speakers Association and an accomplished keynote speaker, particularly in the area of Global Inclusion and Unconscious Bias.

About the Global Speakers FederationThe Global Speakers Federation champions, supports and provides resources to help develop and grow associations of professional speakers worldwide.


  1. Strengthen worldwide recognition of professional speaking within the meetings industry.
  2. Provide support to member associations on forming, managing, and leading associations, including sharing best practices.
  3. Build a global community of like-minded people to encourage alliances, connections, and support networks.

The GSF currently comprises 13 independent speaker associations representing 15 nations and individuals from over 20 countries. To learn more visit:https://www.globalspeakersfederation.net/

To learn more about and contact Dr. Helen Turnbull, visit: www.DrHelenTurnbull.com

"Dr. Helen Turnbull, CSP Receives Global Speaking Fellow Designation From the Global Speakers Federation"

Photo of Dr. Helen Turnbull Receiving Global Speaking Fellow Designation during the National Speakers Association Annual Conference – Influence 2018