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The Illusion of Inclusion: Global Inclusion, Unconscious Bias, and the Bottom Line

We may say we want to be inclusive, but what if we really don’t? What if our brains are hard-wired for selfishness and similarity and not for diversity and altruism? Having a diverse workforce is no guarantee that the work environment is inclusive. Companies hire for diversity and manage for similarity. We hire people for their difference and then teach them directly and indirectly what they have to do to fit in to the corporate culture.

The Illusion of Inclusion exposes a myriad of diverse reasons why people are not more fully engaged and offers you the key to unlock the “Geometry of Inclusion”. This book takes the lid off Pandora’s box and explores the complexity of inclusion; where affinity bias or “mini-me” syndrome and the need to fit in are unconsciously blocking our ability to be inclusive. It offers a road map and an easy to comprehend model on how to minimize the impact of unconscious and conscious biases in order to embed an inclusive organizational culture.

As my grandfather would have said, “Unconscious Bias. Who knew?”
Dr. Turnbull’s seminal work is a fascinating review and deep dive into a phenomenon that affects us all. But besides being extremely well-written and providing fascinating insight, if you’re honest with yourself, The Illusion of Inclusion can be a life-changer. This book will open your eyes to the pre-conceived notions that not only affect your behavior but that you are not even aware of.
To quote another influential thinker (besides my grandfather), Socrates said, “First know thyself.” The Illusion of Inclusion can help you accomplish Socrates’ admonition. That alone makes it well worth your time and money.

Bruce E. Turkel

Unconscious Bias – Blind Spots: An Interview on Unconscious Bias by Dr Helen Turnbull

Blind Spots is an interview with Dr. Helen Turnbull on the topic of Unconscious Bias and how it impacts diversity and inclusion. She unpacks the complexity of this topic by explaining the dynamics behind systemic bias. Her global experience and insights provide the reader with easy access to a challenging topic in a conversational style.