How can you be sure you have an inclusive workplace?

What if it is only the illusion of inclusion?

Imagine if you could measure the extent to which unconscious bias is impacting inclusion?

Having measurable data could provide you with the impetus you need to move towards a truly inclusive workplace. Our assessment tools can provide that leverage…


Just because we have diverse teams does not guarantee that we have created an inclusive environment. Unconscious bias is not only an obstacle to inclusion it impacts the quality of our day to day decision making. Dr. Turnbull is the author of three psycho-metric assessment tools that provide measurable results in the area of Inclusion Skills, Unconscious Bias and Gender Gaps; namely, Cognizant, the ISM Profile and the Gender Gap assessment.


As a Thought-Leader in Global Inclusion and Unconscious Bias, Dr. Helen Turnbull works with organizations to create and embed an inclusive work environment.

Cognizant™ Online Assessment: Discover What’s Hindering Your Progress

Cognizant is a global inclusion assessment tool, developed by Dr. Helen Turnbull.

This assessment enables leaders to more clearly see the impact of their individual and collective biases and blind spots. It provides compelling measurable results that ensure ownership and forward momentum toward embedding an inclusive environment.

Cognizant is completely customized allowing clients to select diverse groups and behaviors that are relevant to their organization. Due to the sophisticated programming and elaborate mathematical techniques it is possible to provide each individual and group with in-depth insights to the mental processes being measured.

There are variable data input methods utilized by Cognizant which encourage spontaneity and ensure that the end user is kept actively involved in the input process. The reporting structure and feedback fromCognizant is delivered in a manner that enables individuals and groups to not only gain awareness but to implement strategic changes.

Sample results from Cognizant:

This Spider Chart shows results from 450 leaders where they favored Revenue Generating Employees over support staff. In an effort to be inclusive we would want to work to close this gap.


Inclusion Skills Measurement Profile (ISM Profile):

The ISM Profile is an online self-assessment and 360 degree assessment; capable of producing aggregate reports for your organization.


  • Diversity sensitivity
  • Integrity with Difference
  • Interacting with Difference
  • Valuing Difference
  • Team Inclusion
  • Managing Conflict Over Difference
  • Embedding Inclusion

Gender Gap Assessment Tool

The Gender Gap Online Assessment Tool evaluates your leadership skills and capabilities to create a gender supportive work environment. It helps leaders to measure their gender acumen effectiveness across seven different gender competencies.


  • Gender Perceptions
  • Gender Collaboration
  • Gender Communication
  • Development and Advancement of Women
  • Gender Conflict 
  • Gender Equity
  • Embedding Gender Inclusion

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